Entering A New Country With A Partner Visa

The ease of global human movement is one of the main reasons behind large international migrations. Individuals today cross the globe for better living conditions, better opportunities, work, love and many other reasons. Increasingly, more individuals are finding partners overseas and settling in foreign countries. Hence, countries, governments and immigration authorities have had to allow for de facto visas and marriage visas that allow foreigners to stay and work in another country due to their relationship with a local citizen or a foreign resident with a valid working permit.

The main purpose of such visas is to allow couples to remain together even if one or both of them are not from the host country. The visa is also important for families which are dependent on the breadwinner and would have to be in the same location as the supporting parent. However, not all partner visas give the dependent the same living and working rights. Some dependents may not be allowed to work or live in a different state from the supporting partner. As such, applicants will need to find out the rights they are entitled to if they are entering a country with a de facto, fiancé or marriage visa.

Obtaining a de facto visa might involve the most difficult process as partners are not committed to a legal union and immigration authorities might require specific evidence before they consider applicants to be in a stable, committed relationship. Apart from proving a sustained duration of being in a relationship, immigration authorities will look out for documents to prove shared ownership of items such as a house, cars or bank accounts.

The same may also be said of applications to enter a country with a marriage visa as there is an increasing number of false marriages that entitle individuals rights to enter a country. Going to a marriage visa agent can help us simplify the process as agents are knowledgeable about what immigration authorities look out for. They are also obliged to follow through the client’s application with immigration authorities, which will allow applicants to receive prompt updates about their application. Apart from marriage visas, agents can also deal with a variety of partner visa circumstances such as fiancé visa extensions. Such visa situations may arise when authorities grant partners an interim visa while investigating their application. Some applications may take a number of years to process and investigate and applicants will have to continuously renew their visa every few months or so until their application has been accepted.

Countries that are popular among immigrants tend to be harder to enter. Requirements for different countries will also vary according to government regulations and applicants will have to engage in some research to pass the procedure smoothly. While many individuals will claim that the process is never easy, it is well worth the effort to be with the ones we love at the end of the day.