Decorating Tricks For Couples Moving In Together

You’ve found that person who brings you the coffee in bed and loves your morning look. It’s time to move in together! This is a great milestone in your life, but once you are living in the same house, you notice your styles in home décor are totally opposed. What to do next? How can you blend in that masculine rough look with your shabby chic sense of style? By reading these next tricks and balancing your personalities into a new, awesome home décor style!

Forget about blending!

This might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s THE way to make things happen when you have different styles. Most couple try to blend in two styles and end up with a messy finish or with one upset partner. Because you are not supposed to blend in! You’ve bought cushions online Australia  and keep them around, without a specific goal? Perfect! They can fit into his boxy design, as they can be really versatile. And you’ve found a common element to start building a new style – this is your couple home décor style!

Pay extra attention to colours

Speaking of those speedy bought cowhide cushions online, chances are they will sport couple of colours, like white, brown, black and some red. And guess what? His home décor style is all about black and white! This means you can rely on the colours to bring everything together and achieve harmony, even if texture and styles are completely opposed.


Speaking of cushions, they can go a long way when it comes to mixing your styles. The contrast between you and him, masculine and feminine is also found in nature and definitely in you, as a couple. So it also has to be re-created in your joint home décor style. Don’t be afraid of mixing soft with hard textures, light and dark elements, as this will enhance the couple idea and will make everything come along together, even if it doesn’t look this way right now. Check this page if you are looking for right home decor like canvas print.

Statement items should have a break

In your bachelor past the living room was one of the main areas where your bold sense of style bloomed. But that was in the past: when it comes to joining forces as a couple, you should leave the main living areas rather neutral. You can have your fuchsia wallpaper in the guest’s room or in the office, but leave the living and the kitchen – admit it, this is where you spend a lot of time and it’s not cooking time – neutral. Kick the décor with small statement elements, like a lamp or a coffee table.