Depression And New Mothers: What Is The Link?

Depression has become a word that we see thrown all about in the recent times. So what is actually depression and what is its link to new moms? Well, let’s find out below.

According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan in 2003 revealed that one in every five pregnant woman struggle with the symptoms of depression. The sad reality is that most of the women are either unaware of their condition or are very reluctant to get help. A study in 2010 carried out revealed that women who suffer from depression during pregnancy give birth to children with higher levels of stress hormones and behavioral differences. It has been proven that the mother mental state has a huge impact on a child’s development and mental health as well! Women being likely to get depressed easily has been associated with the hormonal imbalance that pregnant women face. In most cases, if a mother shows signs of depression she will carry it forward to post-delivery as well.

Post-partum depression
Post-partum depression is the term used to describe mothers with depression after the birth of their baby. The truth is that, many women suffer from it. The only difference being the level of depression is different. When a woman gives birth to a child, that too for the very first time, her entire body has gone through a lot of changes. She has to make many sacrifices to her usual life routines that at one point she will be frustrated. The tell-a-tale signs of depression include: lethargy, loss of interest in activities once enjoyed, either over eating or loss of appetite, feelings of guilt or shame, rude behavior and in some extreme cases thoughts of self-harm or harm to others. It is a very dangerous condition and should be dealt with immediately. Because, not only is the mother affected but also the little new born who is completely dependent on the parents. Which is why many doctors now recommend giving the mother some space and helping her settle in her new role. And of course a luxury hotel spa wouldn’t hurt!

The role of the partner
The role of the partner is not only to take your wife to the best day spa in Sydney after her giving birth. But you should also ensure that you are there for her at all times. And you may need to make sacrifices that you never thought you will ever make. Because there is no one who can hold and pull her off from the fierce depression that awaits to savor her better than you. You should let her rant away and let her get her way of things. Give her the attention she seeks and of course try to get her everything she wants. The happier she is, the less chances are that she will get into a depressed state. It is almost completely in the hands of a partner to help the mother out of depression.

Get help
If you know of someone, or if your partner or yourself suffer from any of the signs mentioned above; make sure to seek help. It is very important to get the medical attention as soon as possible. Because depression is no joke and can take a huge toll on one’s entire life!