Finger Food Feasts

Weddings only happen very rarely in my family, so I savour them when they do come around. Many of my cousins have chosen not to get married, but those that have got married had extremely differing weddings. The first was a very interesting affair. My cousin married a son of a reverend and the entire ceremony was very religious, unlike the entire crowd of onlookers. They also put their wedding on grand final day, much to many people’s annoyance. My father even had his radio on in his pocket during the ceremony. The next was in the hills of Melbourne. They did not have a priest but instead a spiritual leader of sorts, who gave us all a piece of paper. On that paper it had a quote that we all had to read out when the married couple said a key phrase. Really it felt more like pantomime than a wedding. But we did as we were told and felt utterly ridiculous as we did so. What I did find strange at this wedding, was the plethora of finger foods given out. Platter after platter of the best finger food catering Melbourne came out. We were all so bloated from this point most of us presumed there was not dinner and that it was all just going to be in the garden. Alas, they called us in to the reception hall for more food. The usual chicken or fish choices were offered and we all ate, as much as our stomachs could still hold, only to be greeted with a further horror. Tables were wheeled out with hundreds of dessert options which you could go up and choose from. See this page if you are looking for best finger food catering. 

Most the time people would not turn down this free for all with so many seconds options, but I think most of us were at bursting point by then. This made me realise how different the finger food options were at the next wedding. My cousin who next got wed is a very relaxed kind of guy, as is his wife. They had a simple beach wedding, which was far too windy. No shoes were worn and my other cousin, the best man, didn’t even shave off his giant Ned Kelly-esque beard. This casualness carried on to the food, as party pies and sausage rolls were the food on offer. I did feel like I was at a ten year olds birthday, but it was a pleasant change from the overly pretentious finger food I was used to. You can definitely get used to quality finger food once you had a taste of the good ones, feel free to check this out to see what I am talking about. These are the only three weddings I have been to for my family, but as my peers grow older I presume I will be attending more, I just hope that over time wedding caterers Melbourne has become more about taste than pretention, and that my friends don’t fill us up before offering us dessert. I say bring on the years of finger food feasts.