As retirement approaches, you may have planned for future financial plans however, how many of you plan for your health issues? Thankfully there is health insurance nowadays to do that for you. You never know what will come your way so it vital that you be prepared for anything. So here are some of the illnesses for your knowledge.

  • Obesity and metabolic syndrome
    About 75% of adults above the age of 60 are found to be overweight or obese. This is mostly caused by type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, gall bladder disease, high blood pressure etc. These diseases are caused by a combination of risk factors that is known as metabolic syndrome. Women in perimenopause and menopause are under increased risk to develop such diseases leading to obesity. Women accumulate fat around the waist and hips while men do in the gut. To control this, you need to have a balanced diet, exercise often and also reduce alcohol since it carries large amounts of calories.
  • Urine incontinence
    This is a very common condition among women. It occurs when small amounts of urine passes without the control of the person. This not only weakens you physically, but is also mentally frustrating which then affects self-esteem and confidence levels in women. There are medical solutions such as effective vaginal weights to control this condition. Also, regular exercise and a healthy diet could help too.
  • Arthritis
    More than half of the elderly population suffers from this disease. It could be the result of overuse of your knees, ankles and other joints. If you’ve had a job that made you stand all day or wear heels all day, then you’d probably have to worry about it. Workout regularly since weight loss can prevent arthritis immensely. If it is difficult for you keep standing for long, you can check out exercises to do when sitting. However, remember to not overdo any workouts since it could worsen your condition. Visit this link to find out more tips.
  • Osteoporosis
    This occurs due low bone mass. As you age, your bones become weaker, especially your spine which may give you back pains and also joins pains and even falls. You need to stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake, get adequate calcium intake and reduce foods with high acidic content. Avoid sodas too since it loses calcium in your body. The risk of osteoporosis is very high in women who have had children since developing a child in the womb takes a whole lot of calcium and when you don’t have enough calcium intake, your body takes it away from your bone. So always be mindful to take enough calcium.